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Also, I am giving away a couple Holiday Mini-Sessions this weekend to some very deserving families, but I need YOUR help! If you know a single mom, or a family that is struggling right now, and you think they would LOVE to have some photos taken, then PLEASE private message me with a little more information of why you are nominating them. I will go through and choose a couple and contact them! (I will let you know if they were chosen.)
Let's spread MORE LOVE this holiday season! 
Please contact me by Tuesday, November 13th. 
Thank you!!!


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Hiking Boots and Mount Rainier This is my first blog post! I hope you enjoy adventuring with me and celebrating life!

With starting up my photography business, editing pictures, doing photo sessions, building a website and facebook page, ordering business cards, and everything else, I have not  had  taken the time to go do what I love...getting my feet on some trails! With this gorgeous weather we have been having in the Seattle area, I knew I had to get out! My hiking boots have been calling to me from the corner of my room for just too many weeks! So Tuesday I got on the road by 5am to catch the sunrise on Mount Rainier! It was a GLORIOUS morning! I was the only one at Tipsoo Lake. A lovely time to soak it all in.















After Mount Rainier, I went down to Silver Falls Loop Trail. It was so good to walk, sweat, and see the beauty EVERYWHERE! This is an easy hike with so many payoffs. There are woods, creeks, blankets of green, bridges, rivers, and of course the Silver Falls. I had been here last year during the fall. Mushrooms everywhere! It was fun to go back to see everything frozen!

Laughingwater Creek

I hope I have inspired you to go put on your hiking boots or even your tennis shoes and go celebrate life somewhere...ANYWHERE!

For hiking ideas, I highly recommend .  This is the wonderful Washington Trails' Association website.


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