My burning passion for photography and living a purposeful life is a great combination! Anything outdoors: kayaking, backpacking along endless trails, listening to the waves crash on the beach while sleeping, biking a gorgeous trail, or sailing the Puget Sound, I am doing it, camera in hand! I love sharing what I see and experience with you. I also love to celebrate people! Portraits are an amazing way to keep your memories alive and to hold on to your moments!


I am a local and world travel, landscape and portrait photographer. Through my travel and landscape photography and writing, I seek to bring the world to people who are not able to travel or visit amazing places, and then inspire those that can, to get out and go experience and celebrate the world on their own! My portrait photography finds and captures the uniqueness and personality of each individual person that I photograph!

My greatest achievements are my five amazing children, but if I can fan a small fire that is burning inside of you, to seek out new places and new experiences through the images you see in my photographs, THAT will be a wonderful achievement indeed!